Monday, 22 February 2010

Portfolio Task 5 (Triangulation)

Use the seminar texts discussed in last weeks session to write a short triangulated review of the First Things First manifesto (2000), published originally in AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, vol 17, No 2 (1999).

Make sure you use, and quote from, at least three texts in your critical analysis.

The seminar texts will be available on Moodle if you need a digital copy.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Portfolio Task 4 (Annotation)

Annotate a key page (or pages) of Adorno's (1954) essay 'How to Look At TV'. Your annotations should evidence that you have conducted a close critical reading of the text and show deep level understanding and an ability to relate Adorno's ideas to examples of contemporary TV. Underline and explain key vocabulary and critical terminology.

Scan the annotated page(s) on to your blog.

This simple slideshow will give an idea of how to critically annotate a text to gain deeper understanding.

The essay is available on Moodle, under the Communication Theory section.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Portfolio Task 3 (Essay Proposal Form)

Submit a proposal for the 2,000 word essay element of the portfolio brief.

The proposal should include-

  1. A proposed essay title or topic
  2. The main issues addressed by your argument (in bullet points)
  3. Any visual material that you will look at (include hyperlinks if possible)
  4. What theoretical approach / methodology will you use? e.g. marxism, the gaze, psychoanalysis etc
  5. Which specific theorists / writers will you refer to?
  6. At least 5 books / articles / resources already located (referenced using Harvard)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Contextual & Theoretical Studies Portfolio (Task 2)

Quickly read Adorno's (1941) article 'On Popular Music' (links below). In no more than a few paragraphs, summarise his ideas on pop music, concentrating on highlighting key points such as 'standardisation' etc.

Post a link to a YouTube pop video that, in your opinion, epitomises adorno's sentiments. explain why, trying to emphasise the links to the wider 'culture industry' in general.

If you are struggling, here's an example I found to get you thinking...

Friday, 13 November 2009

Contextual & Theoretical Studies Portfolio (Task 1)

Choose an example of one aspect of contemporary culture that is, in your opinion, panoptic. Write an explanation of this, in approximately 100-200 words, employing key Foucauldian language, such as 'Docile Bodies' or 'self-regulation, and using not less than 5 quotes from the text 'Panopticism' in Thomas, J. (2000) 'Reading Images', NY, Palgrave McMillan.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Manchester Visit Fri 23rd Oct

All level 2 students are recommended to attend- all years are welcome however!
We will be visiting the above two exhibitions, both of which will be of relevance to Graphic Design and the level 2 lecture programme.

Make your own way there (See train times above).
Meet at Leeds Station at 9:20 am and we will probably get the 9:40 train. Standard single fare seems to be £15:50, though returns will be cheaper than two singles, and you can get 1/3 off with a young persons pass. Advance fares are well cheap- from £6.50 if you book now.

Return whenever you like, but I’m suggesting that we meet afterwards for a pre-module social drink and take in the sights and sounds of Manc on a Friday evening!
See you there guys & gals, Richard. (